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Russ Ortiz 2GG Founder

Russ Ortiz
CEO and Founder 2GG Apparel
A former Major League Baseball All-Star pitcher, Russ wanted to find something meaningful to do with his time after his playing career. It didn’t take long for him to figure out what that would be. Deciding to marry his love for golf with his passion for helping those in need, Russ applied his incredible commitment to bring his vision to fruition, and thus, 2nd Guy Golf (now 2GG Apparel) was born. A man dedicated to his faith and his family, Russ inspires the rest of Team 2GG to achieve greatness through his leadership and hands-on work ethic.




Lynn Mayo

Lynn Mayo
Office Manager
When Lynn contacted us we knew with over 18 years in the golf apparel world it was a must that she come and be apart of team 2GG. Not only does she put up with us at the office but she is amazingly talented at tuning us out while juggling accounts receivable, inventory control, the selling of product, shipping orders...the list goes on. Lynn is not allowed sick days if so we’d have to close for the day.