The mission of 2GG Apparel is simple: Give Back and Help grow the game with the proceeds from our sales. MLB All-Star Russ Ortiz started this brand after a successful 12 year career as a Major League Pitcher.  Russ, a two time Roberto Clemente Award nominee, continued his giving efforts after he retired to help charities who focus on giving people a 2nd Chance and partner with youth golf programs to grow the game.  Russ’s history of generosity led him to have 2GG Apparel give 100% of its net profits to charity.
You will Look Great in our incredible fitting, performance, premium golf apparel.  You will Feel Great because you know your purchase helped someone in need. You will help Change Lives because you believed in the brand that was built to make a difference.  Thank you.

                           “Look great. Feel great. Change lives.”    - Russ Ortiz